Our thinking 

Our vision is to make an impact by assisting businesses to acquire Talent.

We are creative thinkers at heart, driven by a need to help our clients find talented candidates with the right experience, qualifications and culture fit. Constantly, we research market trends and develop relationships, to craft smart hiring solutions, solving problems timeously without the high costs associated with Search.

We work with business and candidates to form employer-employee relationships that have better retention rates.

Retention, a result of recruiting high-quality people who are adaptable, leads to lower turnover and costs. Happy employees are productive and choose to grow together with the business.

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Why choose us

We match employers with talented candidates with the right experience, qualification and culture fit – that’s what we do best. If you are an employer who is looking to hire talent or an employee who is looking to accelerate their career, we have just the right connections to assist you.

At Dananda Talent, we use a time-tested methodology, industry insights and expertise to pair quality candidates with top employers. Our global network and our education partner, Regenesys Business School, means that we are able to provide clients with access to prestigious top performers to suit their demands.

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