Systems Administrator


Company Culture

Our culture is a defining characteristic of who we are. It is in our DNA and determines how we engage with each other and our customers. It guides, motivates and inspires us and facilitates in creating a fun, happy and rewarding work environment. It is thus extremely important that everyone fully understands, embodies and lives by our values.


Purpose of the job

To manage and handle customer queries and support questions related to our products. To implement, monitor and maintain the installation of those products for the customers.

To build, implement and maintain Linux infrastructure in our cloud platform built on CentOS Linux, MySQL, Nginx, HAProxy, MongoDB, Redis, PHP, GoLang, NodeJS, RabbitMQ and Microsoft Azure. To build, implement and maintain integration to IVR products

In other less formal words; we want you to use those brilliant talents of yours to make magical support experiences that blow our customers away, learn crazy amounts about some very cool tech… and have fun while doing it of course!


Salary & Benefits

Up to R38 000/month CTC – Based on skill and qualification of the candidate.

  • Financial Benefits: Death and Disability Policy
  • Other Benefits:

o 15 days annual leave per annum. (Plus,

approximately 5 days annual leave when the company closes between Christmas and New

Year’s – these days are typically not deducted from leave).

o Company social committee managed by the staff to decide how we do social events and team building – driving our really amazing company culture.

o Flexible weekly working hours.

o Free fruit delivered daily (Your mom would be so


o A super close-knit team that looks after each

other, like a family! We are big supporters of individual growth and learning and this is something we incorporate into the business constantly. We have budgets to help with studies, Personal Development Plans to ensure mentorship, as well as processes to expose you to new technologies.


Job Responsibilities

  • Install and manage Linux based servers.
  • Install and manage Nginx web services.
  • Install and manage MySQL and MongoDB database servers.
  • Install and manage Azure services (VMs, CosmosDB, MySQL DB, Load Balancer, Firewalls, Networking etc)
  • Build and maintain system scripts to help maintain Linux server infrastructure.
  • Build and maintain integrations from our product(s) to telephony and IVR platforms.
  • SQL Scripting and Query building.
  • Identify better ways to get to the rocket launcher in E1M3 of Doom.
  • Install, perform minor repairs/configurations and updates to the product according to the product specifications.
  • Log initial bug-reports based on customer issues in the bug tracking system.
  • From time to time identify ways to optimise customer installations and report/discuss with the rest of the team.
  • Advise customers using best practice on how to implement features without calling them “N00B”.
  • Confer with staff, users, and management to establish requirements for new systems or modifications.
  • Advise on new features and requirements of products.
  • Refer major system problems/issues to relevant third- party suppliers.
  • Responsible to handle sensitive or confidential customer material with the necessary diplomacy without disclosing information prematurely or incorrectly.
  • Solve crazy problems with even more ludicrous technology ideas while simultaneously holding a pizza slice in one hand and cracking a joke with the team. Personal Qualities
  • An undeniable need to break and then hopefully fix things
  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Analytical thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Planning and Organizing ability
  • Quality orientation and attention to detail
  • Pyrotechnics guru
  • Using Initiative
  • Integrity Experience &



  • Minimum of 4 years job-related experience
  • Knowledge and working experience with RedHat Linux (or CentOS Linux), Apache Server, PHP configuration, VPN technologies, Remote Desktop and Bash Scripting.
  • Doom, Quake 3, COD or Battlefield skillzzzz.
  • Preferable knowledge and working experience with MySQL or PostgreSQL servers, and CSV files.
  • Stack Overflow and Forum lurking.
  • Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.
  • At least 2 weddings worth of “hokey pokey” or “chicken dance” experience plus a stomach for at least one tequila.



  • Diploma or Degree in computer sciences or any other related professional and recognized I.T. qualification


  • Significant working experience (4 years +) in a similar environment where the listed technologies were used in day to day production environments.
  • You must have “fixed” a relative’s computer or printer within the last year, without it breaking again the following week. By “relative” we mean anyone who knows you are the person to speak to when solving technical problems.