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Dananda Talent is a recruitment firm and part of the Regenesys Group. Regenesys has educated over 170 000 students since 1998 in South Africa, India and Nigeria. Dananda Talent is committed to excellence and the highest standards of quality and service delivery to our clients.
This is the best job-portal i had ever came across! I have tried quite a few, but this one has met all of our needs and more. The support team is very helpful and extremely responsive too.
Super Theme. Simple, attractive design. Many options as well as upgrade options. I am very satisfied with the technical support, quick and concrete answers to all the questions I have.

I have just purchased this theme so have selected Other as so far customer service, design and features are great. I haven’t really begun using this yet so will add to my comment once i have had a good look around.

Great theme! Many features, flexibility, very nice design, team support very helpful.

The theme I was looking for to my job board.

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