Contingency Recruitment​

As a result of the 4IR and 5IR, the constantly changing face of the economy demands that organisations become agile and adaptable. Our contingency specialists meet the need of our clients ideally.​This allows businesses to successfully manage productivity commensurate to budget.

This allows businesses to successfully manage productivity and delivery challenges arising from opportunities that require a temporary increase in the organisation’s personnel capacity.

More often than not, some business needs are project-based, require specialised skills, or consultant advisory, making it impractical to recruit permanent staff. To avoid future redundancy and manage costs, it becomes imperative to hire contract staff for tailored deliverables.

Our extensive database and reach give you the advantage of recruiting temporary people to support your projects. For us, contract employment does not mean neglecting quality. We ensure that you still find the best fitting candidates to align with your project and the organisation’s culture.

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