executive Search/Recruitment

Distinctive Excellence Is Not Negotiable For Success

We assist our clients in actualizing their corporate strategy by acquiring a leadership pedigree that is unbeatable. Our executive search team is relentless in sourcing only the best to fulfill our clients’ needs.

This makes searching for and recruitment of executives and senior managers a critical part of the success of any organisation driven to deliver excellence.

Our insights are key

At Dananda Talent, we understand the constant shifting context and its market trends. That’s why we dedicate time and meticulous effort to find the right talent for your organisation. Our search experts are driven by a deep knowledge of the industry, an extensive global network and a research-based approach to.

These core capabilities mean we are able to approach excellent leaders who are not on the market. Approaching these passive candidates ensures we get talented leaders who have the right experience, qualifications and culture fit for our clients.

Your time is our critical to us

Filling leadership gaps timeously is mission-critical especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have increased our search capabilities and evolved to be more adaptable and agile in our approach. This enables us to find the right talent targeted to your unique needs without high fees associated with Search. With Dananda Talent’s dedicated team of Talent Acquisition experts who are experienced at the highest level, your leadership Search will have a custom fit solution.

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