Talent Mapping

Organisations need to stay ahead of the rapid changes that impact on their business and workforce at all times. The key to achieving this is to plan and constantly assess the readiness of the organisation’s workforce against known and unknown changes ahead.

This is where Talent Mapping plays a pivotal role in any organisation serious about being agile and mitigating risks to its Talent Acquisition and Talent Retention plans. With Talent Mapping, organisations have a helicopter view of their human capital internally and externally, positioning them to be competitive.

It enables human resource leaders to:

  • identify talent gaps within their organisation and in the market,
  • build talent pools from passive candidates
  • benchmark job profiles and compensation to remain competitive
  • develop agile succession plans
  • reduce hiring time while increasing retention r

Dananda Talent understands trends in human capital based on our extensive experience as a Search and Advisory firm to a diversity of clients across different industries. We can partner with you to develop suitable Talent Mapping strategies that will ensure you get the right candidates with the right experience, qualifications and culture fit while growing your current talent.

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