Programme Coordinator for NDA

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    Aug 26, 2020
The purpose of this position is to ensure that student welfare, administration, record keeping and academic processes for designated projects result in outstanding customer delivery.  The customer is broadly defined as external and internal customers.


Project Coordinator Skills & Competencies

Project coordinators need to be organized, efficient, good at multitasking, and driven to succeed. Some specific skills necessary for this line of work include:

  • Time management: One stage of a project often relies on another stage meeting its deadline or maintaining its schedule. This kind of coordination makes it vital that project coordinators keep tight schedulesWork according to checklists and templates.
  • Communication: To develop and maintain schedules, project coordinators need to be aware of the challenges or obstacles that need to be faced in terms of both internal and external customers.
  • Problem-solving: Projects rarely go exactly as planned, and the best project managers incorporate contingencies into their planning, this is called risk evaluation. Before problems arise, they have plans ready to be implemented and strategies for circumventing those obstacles. When a completely unexpected problem arises, project coordinators need to be adept at addressing it as quickly as possible.
  • Budgeting: Projects cost money, and project coordinators need to know how to best allocate resources in order to accomplish goals.
  • Leadership:  Focus on students and part of project under your control but able to be a team player as well.  The project will only succeed if everyone succeeds.   If you have discovered a problem and know how to solve it, share it.



  • Education: A bachelor’s degree with excellent English and numerical skills. A degree in social sciences, communications, business, business management, or other similar fields can provide the necessary skills.
  • Microsoft Office:  intermediate to advanced skills, particularly in: Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • 2 years’ work experience
  • English language skills:  The students will not be able to complete the programme except in English. All business will be conducted in English. Above average written and telephonic skills in English.


Reports To:  Project Manager –  National Development Agency Projects




Key Performance Area     Key Deliverable



1.     Student Registrations

2.     Customer Service

3.     Administration & Coordination

4.     Academic rules and processes

5.     Assignments

6.     Academic Records

7.     Exams

8.     Graduation

9.     Other responsibilities as may be advised from time to time

1.    Student Registrations:

·       Identify and manage risks

·       Understand the risk flagging system

·       Alert project and programme manager to red flags

·       Upload student data to Services Seta (no prior experience necessary)

·       Upload data onto Reggie (A Regenesys student data base system, no prior experience necessary)

·       Download spreadsheets and data required for reporting requirements

·       Develop class schedules with the Project Manager.  This requires an understanding of the bigger project.  (The same facilitator cannot be at two different places at the same time).  All deviations must be approved.

·       Alert students in advance of schedule changes.

·       Prepare student registers in the required format for delivery to the facilitator who will ensure that they get signed.  Loss of a signed class register is a dismissible offence.

·       Manage the class schedule, alerting internal and external customers to forthcoming classes

·       Source 2 options for venues for classes requesting photographs and catering cost.  Lowest possible cost to be negotiated.  Get approval from Project Manager and Programme Manager.

·       Send out student communication reminders timeously alerting them to forthcoming deadlines such as venues for each class exams, assignments and POE’s

·       Ensure availability of physical study material and documentation required

·       Keep impeccable records of all students, both paper and on the Regenesys system

·       Alert the project manager to any potential risks, problems whenever you identify them, escalate to programme manager if deadlines are affected in any way. This is considered a red flag event.

·       Manage logistics, ensure that safe, secure guest houses are booked and paid for and the facilitator has all the physical materials they need to use in class (workbooks and slides) and to hand out students. i.e. Registers, evaluation forms, course material, flip charts, pens. overhead projector (if the venue does not have one)

·       Prepare for and attend daily lean project meetings

·       Manage registration and module commencement logistics including:

o   Organising registration forms and registers for distribution to facilitators


o   Distributing study material

o   Ensuring that the facilitator is present timeously

o   Providing a face to face welcome to students at the door or registration desk

o   Taking photos, printing and issuing student cards (if applicable)

o   Drafting post-attendance client reports for projects/courses

o   Ensuring post evaluation forms are completed and requisite capturing of information in the student data base


2.    Customer service:

·       Send out welcome letters.  Must know or learn how to do a mail merge.

·       Greet students at the door and welcome them to the class

·       Check-in with facilitators by tea time of every day.  Registers must be signed by then and the facilitator must send a photo via WhatsApp of the register.

·       Check-in with the facilitator at lunch time

·       Manage all administrative customer queries (inbound/outbound calls and via email and telephonically with email follow-up) – our standard is a 24-hour response time.

·       Communicate professionally with learners (in writing or telephonically)

·       Provide email and telephone follow up and support to students with regard to progress, attendance, assignment submission

·       Organise for ‘at risk students’ to meet / liaise with the facilitator

·       Raise the alert the moment a student starts missing class and advise them that without a medical certificate their stipend will be stopped

3.    Administration and Coordination: 

·       Liaison with programme coordinators

·       Ensuring venues are booked and prepared before classes commence

·       Ensuring all project logistics inrenally and externally are arranged before classes commence

·       Managing and retaining existing clients

·       Liaise with all faculty in respect of all deliverables such as course outlines, pre-readings

·       Update student records on various database systems

·       Ensure that all student administrative records are current and 100% correct

·       Submit all student administrative requests (e.g. late submissions, deferments, rewrites) etc to the Project Manager  for decision  and approval and ensure same-day and accurate feedback to the student.  The project manager keeps the master schedule and no changes can be made without the approval of the Programme Manager

·       Ensure that handouts / print outs are copied and distributed to classes

·       Email student communication via bulk SMS, emails, as required by Project and Programme Manager

·       Monitor attendance records and drop off rates in Excel and Reggie.

·       Collect, collate and graph requirements for monthly project reports as required by the project manager.  Prepare draft report for your students.

·       Distribute and collect course evaluations as per the evaluation schedule

·       Submit the forms to the Programme Manager for review, as received.

·       Ensure that evaluation forms are summarised per class per province

·       Communicate examination arrangements, venues and dates with students.


4.    Academic Rules and Processes:

·       Understand and be able to communicate all aspects of the academic rules to students

·       Understand and adhere to all academic delivery processes and procedures and be able to communicate all aspects of these to students

·       Escalate any student concerns and recommendations


5.    Assignments:

·       Ensure that all assignments received are uploaded onto the portal

·       Aid students to upload onto the portal

Alternatively receive, scan in, rename and batch all assignments and prepare a tracking sheet and forward these to the Assessment Centre for marking

·       Keep track of the assignment assessment progress with the Assessment Centre (e.g. marking, moderating and releasing progress)

·       Escalate any delays arising in the assessment centre to the Academic Executive

·       Assist in communicating marks and feedback to students as required

·       Assist in scanning in feedback and dispatch assignments  / feedback sheets once marked (if required)

6.     Academic records:


·       Request collated academic records and statements of results according to approved results from the Assessment Centre

·       Ensure that all hard copies of records are batched, labeled and filed appropriately

·       Ensure that all soft data is filed correctly and is current and accurate.


7.    Exams:


·       Determine student examination numbers

·       Communicate examination arrangements, venues and dates with students

·       Confirm student numbers by venue and module

·       Inform Registrar and Assessment Centre timeously

·       Invigilate as required

8.    Graduations:

·       Prepare attendance registers for graduations

·       Prepare for Graduations as required by the Registrar

·       Attend and assist at graduations


·       Extremely organised and works to a system and process, keeps checklists and works to them

·       Excellent record keeping

·       Computer skills: Be familiar with and able to use Outlook email, Excel and Word at an intermediate or advanced level

·       Learn on the go. (on the job training will be given)

·       Excellent attention to detail

·       Has a sense of urgency and will do what it takes to get the job done in time to ensure the project as a whole moves forward

·       Able to pre-plan and think ahead and anticipate what the risk of an action will be (be proactive)

·       Knows when to escalate a problem (identify low or no risk decisions versus high risk decisions).  Will be taught the red-flag system

·       Trustworthy and honest

·       Willing to work overtime

·       Undertake other relevant duties and responsibilities, appropriate to the grade, as may be determined from time to time by executive management

·       Able to handle student queries with patience and politeness no matter what the provocation

·       Be assertive

·       Persistent, doesn’t give up easily

·       Works well on their own

·       Follows instructions to the letter

·       Likely to be more of a quiet but determined worker.  (Gregarious extraverts are better suited to sales)

·       Very focused

·       Able to anticipate what might happen